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The Chi Gun / Orgone Shooter:  How to use it
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You can call us on Skype and we can show you the shooters or other generators and radionics machines - our Skype address:  chi.tec - or click below!

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The Manifestation Ultimate - Software

Manifestation Ultimate Lite für den PC with the 48 filter cards/images of the Alphabet of Success - Download for only $39.00

This software comes with 3 Positions, the functions of which you decide.  Check the manual with success strategies.

First Position for trend, or intent

Second Position for target person, group, or any other target, and

Third Position you define - you may or may not use it.  A good approach is to define some background energy, as impact upon the surroundings of the person you help - either perceived as calm or as activating.  You may also use it as a grounding function, just in case the energy transfer does not work out - for whatever reason.

With the software you receive a transfer image, i.e., you print it out and put it onto your orgone generator while the .jpg file of it moves from position to position, this way making possible the transfer of the desired trend energy (the intent) to the target of your operation

The Manifestation Ultimate Pro comes with 1000 filter cards and it has 45 positions for you to work with.  This way you can transfer specific energies to any location or run multiple intents simultaneously or, naturally, you can combine both.  With this software you can achieve maximal flexibility.  It comes with approximately 1000 images.  Download it for $369.00.

Both programs have fade-in and fade-out functions plus sound functions - and using a patch cable you can transfer these sounds from the sound output of your computer into the stereo input of your orgone generator.

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cd for chi frequencies

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